James & Becky – Ashridge House, Berkhamsted

This was my first time at Ashridge House (hey, it’s great to go somewhere new) and it won’t be my last. The place is stunning – think Henry VIII country house surrounded by landscaped grounds. Trivia tip: If you have ever watched MAFS UK then you may well recognise some of the locations used in the show as they were filmed at Ashridge House!

It’s always a pleasure to work with CJ from CJ Beauty and Co – a true legend and I love her more as she always keeps to time. James and Becky also knew how to choose the right date – forecast the hottest day of the year so far in June and at 29c with no air-con, it was fun! Seriously though, the building being as old as it was, it didn’t need it. The walls were as thick as a car! Becky was a massive Disney fan so I loved the extra touch to her shoes….you will see in the images.

From the very start, both were super chilled, just like their wedding and as the day gradually got hotter massive thanks to Rebecca and her team at Ashridge House for keeping everyone cool with drinks. Guests either love or hate the speeches but these did not disappointment, in fact I cracked up a few times and this followed a game of croquet on the lawn. I had a go…..yep, I’m rubbish. Those hoops are way too small for the ball……right? Highlight of the day was James and Becky’s first dance. Talk about being choreographed! Eat your heard out Shirley Ballas…..they even threw in a lift. It’s a 10 from me.

Here’s some of my favs:

The team:

Venue: Ashridge House, Berkhamsted
Flowers: The Flower Room
MUA: CJ Beauty and Co